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Share the Chrome

Spread the love of pole and receive "Chromies" in the Pole Perks Program to trade in for discounts and free classes!

How it Works

1) Fill out the form to the right to join the Referral Program.

2) You will receive a personal coupon code for people to use that is traceable to you.

3) For every person that signs up and attends with your code, you receive 10 Chromies in your account, and they receive $5 off their first class. Referral accounts are updated once/week.

4) The Chromies can be used for discounted or free classes and class pack plans. More info on the Pole Perks trial program here

5) Must be a current student to join Spread the Chrome referral program. This referral program can be updated and/or cancelled at any time. Accrued points expire after one year.

Photo of Amy, inverted on a pole in an ayesha during a performance at a student showcase

Hop on the Chrome Wagon

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